About Us

Morph & Bloom Founder

Morph & Bloom Communication Therapy was founded in 2019 by Marukh Rehman (BSc Hons Speech Pathology and Therapy). She graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University in 2013, and went on to work for various NHS trusts,  private companies and agencies around the UK.

Marukh also ventured to the Middle East for a short time in 2017 to help set up a state of the art speech and language therapy clinic in Qatar. While she was on a career break in early 2019, Marukh had a vision to create a specialist speech and language therapy service that caters particularly for ethnic minority groups and supported bilingual families and children. Once the seed had been planted, Morph & Bloom Communication Therapy was born. The service has since further developed to cater for children with a range of speech, language and communication needs. Marukh continues to develop her knowledge and therapy skills so that she is able to support as many children and families as possible.

During her free time, Marukh is busy keeping her toddler occupied! She also loves to spend time with her extended family, loves researching, travelling, reading and gives a few hours per week to mentor students at a local mosque. Overall, she’s a busy bee with a huge passion to bring benefit to as many people as she can with the knowledge that she has.

Regulatory bodies we are registered with

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in the UK have Speech, Language or Communication needs (SLCN)
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of children in the UK have SLCN which requires long-term support
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of children in the UK have the most severe and complex SLCN
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of young offenders have SLCN which existed from childhood

What We Offer

The specialists at Morph & Bloom Communication Therapy are trained in administering a wide range of formal and informal assessments along with the ability to deliver the best and most current therapy packages.

Speech and Language Therapy Assessment

Speech and Language Therapy Intervention

Speech and Language Therapy Reports

Speech and Language Therapy Training

Speech and Language Therapy Programmes

Speech and Language Therapy Joint Coaching

Individual Therapy

We work with individuals on a 1:1 basis at their home or in school (on request). We will work closely with parents/carers to offer the best level of care to achieve positive therapy outcomes.


We can setup a clinic in your school allowing us to be on hand to assess, diagnose and provide treatment for children with Speech, Language and Communication needs.

No Waiting Lists

At Morph and Bloom, we aim to ensure there are no waiting lists at all. Unlike the NHS, if we cannot see you immediately, we can signpost you to other services who can.

MORPH & BLOOM communication therapy

What are the benefits?

Improve Academic Success

Better Articulation

Improve Social Relationships

Increase Confidence

Reduce Anxiety

Improve Communication