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We provide 1:1 therapy for children to suit their specific needs. This can be carried at our clinic in Rochdale or at our client’s homes. More information regarding what we can help with can be found below.


We partner with schools in order to provide highly responsive and specialist support regarding speech therapy for pupils. We are mainly focusing on the Greater Manchester area.

“Children’s early language development has a significant impact on future school performance.”
(James Law et al., 2013)

Whatever service you choose, we guarantee:

Fast appointments

We will offer you an appointment within ONE WEEK of referral and will not keep you waiting for therapy.

No waiting lists

There are NO waiting lists. If we cannot see you immediately, we can signpost you to other services who can.

Efficient, hard-working therapists

We will work alongside statutory services and in multi-disciplinary teams to form joint therapy plans if required.

Tailored service to suit your childs needs

Your therapist will provide a service tailored specifically to your child/your school.

What we specialise in

There are some classifications that you may have become aware of when looking into speech therapy for your child. We have the qualifications, experience and drive to help with all of the following.

Social communication difficulties

The term social communication difficulties refers to children who may have difficulty using language in different social contexts. Children with social communication difficulties may be at a higher risk of social, emotional and behavioural problems. 

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Speech sound difficulties

Some children have difficulty saying certain sounds and words past the expected age of development. They may present with articulation problems (making certain sounds) or phonological problems (a pattern of sound mistakes). We are highly skilled in supporting children’s speech using a range of therapy techniques and resources.


Specialist in administering bilingual assessments to allow for an accurate prognosis, intervention plan and inclusive therapy process for bilingual families.
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Language disorder

Children with Developmental Language Disorder (DLD) may have significant and ongoing difficulties understanding and using spoken language. This occurs in all languages that the child speaks. There is no known cause for DLD. However with support children can learn to cope and progress.

Learning disability

Children with learning difficulties may struggle to understand complex spoken language, to express themselves clearly and may have difficulties using language for social purposes. They may also have difficulties with reading, writing and spelling. With focused support these children can reap the benefits of speech therapy.

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Selective mutism

Selective Mutism is a severe anxiety disorder which makes it hard for some children to speak in certain social situations such as with classmates or relatives they do not see very often. It usually starts in childhood and if left untreated, can persist into adulthood. This is why Speech therapy is so important.

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Services for Schools

We are highly experienced in setting up speech, language and communication clinics within schools to support its pupils. This means that there are no lengthy referral processes, no waiting lists and you will reduce barriers to accessing NHS services because we bring the services to school.


We will set up a speech and language therapy Clinic in your school.


We provide treatment for children with speech, language and communication needs at school.

Assess & Diagnose

We will be on hand and onsite to assess and diagnose children who need support.


We provide staff training and can work closely with you to create a communication friendly environment.

MORPH & BLOOM Communication Therapy

What are the benefits?

Improve Academic Success

Better Articulation

Improve Social Relationships

Increase Confidence

Reduce Anxiety

Improve Communication